export products

Exportations and Distribution of diverse
general consumable merchandise Products,

We also export raw materials to industries abroad to convert the products into finished good.
We also enjoy about 70% shares of the importations within West African regional market and we import high
volumes of quality products throughout the year.

We offer the best, tasty and top quality Product brands that is the main reason why our customers trust us. our credentials speak for itself. Our value-led offerings make us the ‘preferred’importer and vendor. We ensure that we meet and surpass the expectations of our exporters and suppliers abroad. Our export products are cotton, cocoa, rubber latex, cashew nuts,medicinal leaves and roots etc

cocoa seeds export

IMPORTS AND EXPORT PRODUCTS are Frozen Food : Frozen fish, frozen Chicken, Fresh fruits : Apple; grapes; guava. Banana Garlic,ginger and Onions vegetable Oils : groundnut oil sunflower oil ; olive oil Rice and Wheat Flour Wines and Hot drinks and fruit juice,Beverages Canned food : Sardine in pure vegetable oil, Sardine in tomato sauce Cotton seed, cotton wool, Rubber Later Cocoa Seeds Cashew Nuts palm kernel seeds Medicinal Herbs & Roots Precious stones and raw gold

export products

We export different kinds of raw material such as rubber later, cocoa seeds, cotton seeds, herbal leaves and roots, palm kernel seeds etc

natural rubber latex

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Do you want taw materials for manufacturing,we work with other agro companies to supply your industrial needs.

cotton seeds export